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Hotflash the Menopause Game

When it comes to board games, Monopoly just doesn't always make the cut.

Enter Hotflash the Menopause game ($29.98), a hilarious way to have fun with a not so fun topic. There are spots you can land along the game called Raging Hormones where you’ll discover some little known facts about women, your body, perimenopause and lots of other stuff. When you land on a HotFlash!, you’ll have a chance to act a little goofy or ask your friends about some deep, dark secret like “Have you ever had a one-night stand?” Be sure to avoid PMS Purgatory, and be careful not to go down the Fallopian Tubes. They’ll take you backwards through Weepy Way, Lustless Lane, Bitchy Boulevard, Insomnia Aisle and The Forgetful Forest. Whether you're menopausal or not, you'll be sure to crack up playing this unique game.

Think Girl Talk (ah, remember that game) mixed with CandyLand but for grown-ups. Fun, eh? Buy it directly from




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