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Horizon Organic: Amazing Dairy Products

I always see Horizon Organic products when I go shopping. Their motto is "Good from the beginning," which just about sums up their mission. They use environmentally beneficial practices, promote the livelihood of family farms, treat their animals with compassion, and provide healthy products.

I am a huge fan for what Horizon Organic stands for. They work with, educate, and support hundreds of family farms which supply 80% of their milk. All the farms are organic, which means they use farming methods that respect the earth and nurture their animals.

They use sustainable farming techniques like crop rotation and composting to ensure their soil's fertility. To control pests, they don't use harmful chemicals like most farms, but rather non-toxic materials like vegetable oil. Their cows are fed 100% organic feed and graze on pesticide free land. You won't find any growth hormones or antibiotics in their cows.

Horizon Organic makes everything from cheese, to butter, to yogurt, to milk and cream, to cottage cheese, and even smoothies. As you all know, dairy products are a great source of protein and calcium.

Fit's Tips: Look for Horizon Organic dairy products at your local grocery store. You can feel good about getting food that's good for you from a company who cares.

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