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Gym Bag Essential: Oscar Blandi 'Pronto' Dry Shampoo

Gym Bag Essential: Oscar Blandi 'Pronto' Dry Shampoo

Most of the time when I head to the gym during the day, I am rushing around when I get ready so I can come back and blog for you, my fabulous readers. Unfortunately I feel like my shampoo routine is a time killer and sometimes I just don't feel like shampooing because washing it once (and sometimes twice) a day can leave my hair so dry. So, DearSugar recently introduced me to 'Dry Shampoo' and I am loving it.

Basically dry shampoo solves the dilemma of dirty hair without a traditional cleansing process. With this dry shampoo you are able to refresh your hair and scalp without water. Oscar Blandi's Pronto Dry Shampoo ($19.00) is perfect for use after a workout at the gym when you don't have enough time to fully wash your hair. It would also be great if you don't belong to a gym, but still like to do the lunch break power run and need to freshen up somehow. Now, I still take a shower but am able to skip the hair washing session, which means I also get to skip the blow drying session and get back to work, well, pronto. Want to try it out? You can buy it from


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