Guess Which Hollywood Actors Are Watching Wimbledon?

Guess Who's Watching Wimbledon?

Celebrities are coming out swinging for this year's Wimbledon tennis tournament, which takes place through July 5 in London. Curiously, there was lots of eye candy in the stands in the form of Hollywood actors. Can you guess which hot male celebrities are checking out the Grand Slam action?

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Which dapper British actor watched tennis while wearing leather?
Ewan McGregor
Clive Owen
Jude Law
Gerard Butler
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Guess which Gossip Girl guy got a bit of fresh air?
Chace Crawford
Ed Westwick
Penn Badgley
Sebastian Stan
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Which ubiquitous American hottie made the trip across the pond?
Zac Efron
Ryan Reynolds
Brad Pitt
Justin Timberlake
Ryan Gosling
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Which British celeb came out in full force?
Jamie Oliver
Robert Pattinson
Ewan McGregor
Clive Owen
James McAvoy
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