Guess Which Celebrity Loves These Workouts!

Match the Celebrity to the Workout

Some celebs are the poster children for getting in shape and maintaining toned physiques. But how they achieve their fitness goals differentiate across the board. While some are all about hitting the gym five days a week, others would rather play a game of basketball or go to a dance class. We've already tested you on a few famous females workout preferences, but now it's time for round two. Let's see how well you've been paying attention!

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This celeb recently said that "working out isn't about forcing yourself to do things you hate — it's about having fun." One of her favorite workouts is playing a game of one-on-one with a friend.

Source: Flickr User j9sk9s

Miley Cyrus
Jennifer Hudson
Kristin Cavallari
Kim Kardashian
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This celeb recently said she doesn't have the patience for yoga or Pilates and would rather go to the gym and lift weights.

Source: Flickr User midiman

Katy Perry
Kelly Osbourne
Gwen Stefani
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Who takes pole-dancing classes as a way to stay in shape?

Source: Flickr User lululemon athletica

Lea Michele
Charlize Theron
Emma Roberts
Lady Gaga
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This famous female is regularly spotted in Los Angeles getting her run on. Who is it?

Source: Flickr User familymwr

Jessica Alba
Reese Witherspoon
Ashley Greene
Kate Hudson
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Guess who recently said that she loves being on the move and includes spin class and Pilates in her workout routine?

Source: Flickr User familymwr

Lauren Graham
Julie Bowen
Ellen Pompeo
Katherine Heigl
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Guess who recently told Shape magazine that she hates working out, but when she finds the time she does Latin dancing because it's fun and she loves the music.

Source: Flickr User cliff1066™

Eva Longoria
Jennifer Lopez
Sofia Vergara
Penelope Cruz
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