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Guess the Celeb's Abs

Guess the Celeb's Abs

Compared to the common Jane, celebs have the upper hand when it comes to fitness. Not only do they have the time and intense incentives to work out, but they also have the dough to hire personal trainers and personal chefs. But you have to agree that they look amazingly fit and healthy. Aside from having lean legs and toned arms, they also have knockout middles. Can you guess whose toned abs are pictured here?

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Which Hills star looks slim and pretty in polka dots?
Whitney Port
Lauren Conrad
Kristin Cavallari
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Whose abs are taking a dip in the ocean?
Tori Spelling
Lindsay Lohan
Kelly Ripa
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Who's lean and green in the water?
Cameron Diaz
Jennifer Aniston
Kristen Bell
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Who's showing off her abs on a boat?
Jennifer Lopez
Eva Longoria
Eva Mendes
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Do these chiseled abs look familiar?
Gwen Stefani
Christina Aguilera
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Who's toned and tight in white?
Katherine Heigl
Jennifer Garner
Hayden Panettiere
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