Gretchen Bleiler Snowboard Designs For Oakley

Get Your Butt in Gear: Gretchen Bleiler For Oakley

January is just around the corner, and that means it's time to play in the snow. Are you mountain ready? If you're in need of fresh gear, check out the new collection that snowboarding superstar Gretchen Bleiler designed for Oakley — and you thought they only made sunglasses.

Known for her crazy trick the inverted crippler, Bleiler designed a collection that mixes wild and tame. A jacket she calls The Mane features a faux fur trimmed hood and comes in three colors, one a bright yellow that suggests a lion abstracted. The collection includes basic jackets and pants, all with small details that give them style and flair. The jackets and pants are cut to flatter the female form, and many items are made with recycled polyester. At $250 to $300, the price range might be as steep as the mountains you ride, but style wedded with comfort and warmth is always priceless.

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