Green Toe Shoes: A Brilliant Idea From Simple

Green Toe shoes are the newest line made by Simple. I was happy to hear that they are made from all-natural, sustainable materials such as jute, cork, crepe (a natural rubber), cotton, recycled car tires, wool, bamboo, and recycled plastic bottles.

I like buying products that are beneficial to me, but I also like choosing ones that are good for the Earth. These shoes are made with natural and recycled materials, making them biodegradable. I feel good supporting Simple and their Green Toe shoes, knowing that by choosing these kinds of products, I'm having a positive impact on Mother Earth. You I am walking lightly on the Earth and only leaving footprints.

There are a number of different styles ranging from flip-flops (called Toe Foo - isn't that funny?), Mary Janes, clogs, loafers, and shoes with laces. They range in price from $60 - $90, and also make mens and kids shoes too.

Want to see all the styles? Take a look and tell me what you think in the poll down below.