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Green Exercise: The Water Rower

I don't think I am alone when I say that most cardio equipment is unattractive and difficult to store. Nothing you would want to keep in living room. Recently, I happened upon the beautiful WaterRower that take the rowing machine to a whole new level. Designed to look good and feel good these machines are made from various woods or metals and are completely energy independent. No plugging into the grid!

The resistance in WaterRowers is supplied by water, which just really makes sense. Resistance is provided by the WaterFlywheel imitates the natural dynamics of a boat moving down the river. The more work you do, then more fluid resistance you have to overcome which moves the WaterFlywheel faster. The WaterRower is a foot shorter than most other rowing machines making it easy to store. The machine is perfectly quiet too; you supply the heavy breathing and, dare I say it, grunting.

I love the look of the wooden machines and placed against the wall it looks downright sculptural. The price ranges from $1095 for the classic model constructed from ash to $2500 stainless steel model. You can purchase one directly from WaterRower.

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