Glamping Locations in the United States

Gone Glamping: Where Glamour Meets Camping

The Resort at Paws Up

Even with my tips on how to rough it and still look red-carpet ready, some of you are still not into the idea of camping. I don't blame you either — pitching a tent, forgoing a shower, and smelling like campfire isn't for everyone. For those people, there's "glamping," which provides the glamour and amenities you'd expect from a hotel or resort, but puts you smack dab in the middle of the wilderness.

Guests get to feel close to nature and enjoy all the same outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, and kayaking, but at the end of the day fall asleep in a luxury heated tent. Make no mistake, it's not cheap — accommodations start at $80/night and, depending on the locale and amenities, can quickly move upwards into the hundreds. But if you are looking for a fitness-minded Summer trip this season and aren't into sleeping on the ground, one of these places may have your name on it.