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Get Your Butt in Gear: ToughGirl Skirt by SkirtSports

If you fell in love with running skirts this summer and are pining to run like a girl even though it is too cold to show off you gams, I think I have found a solution. The ToughGirl Skirt ($85) by SkirtSports!

The ToughGirl combines running tights with a cute short skirt for all-in-one, one-of-kind running bottoms. And cover your bottom it will. The skirt strategically covers you in all the right places and the leggings, with slight boot cut, keep you warm. The fabric, Dupont Supplex, feels divine and you might just find yourself lounging in your ToughGirl skirt since it is so dang comfy. But don't forget this skirt and pants combo (does that make it a skant instead of a skort?) is made for action. It has two pockets hidden under the skirt for you to slip your keys, your iPod, or ID. So good to know that you can run like a girl in winter, too!

The ToughGirl comes in either pink or black, and you can buy them directly from SkirtSports.

To see the ToughGirl in black and some alternate angles just read more







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