Get It Up, Your Heart Rate That Is: Swimming

After spending all summer running outdoors, I am moving part of my workout indoors and into a pool. Here is a basic swim workout that is great if you are new to swimming laps as a form of cardio.

Warm up:
100 yrds Freestyle - easy
100 yrds pull Freestyle
50 yrds kick Freestyle
50 yrds kick Back stroke
50 yrds kick Breaststroke

The Main Event:
200 yrds Freestyle (rest :30)
100 yrds Back stroke (rest: 15)
50 yrds Freestyle (rest :10)
200 yrds Medley – your choice of strokes, mix it up

Cool down:
100 yrds kick Medley – you choose strokes
100 yrds Freestyle - easy

Distance = .67 miles
( a swim mile is 1650 yrds not 1750)
Repeat the Main Event and add an extra 550 yards for a total of 1650 yards, or a mile!

Fit's Tip: I think it is a good idea to have your exercise plan in hand when you workout. Just print out this workout. Get it wet and stick it on the side of the pool.