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Get in Gear: Nike Free Sneakers

Remember I told you about running barefoot? If you like the idea of your feet being more in control, but are worried about the pain, dirtiness, or risk of injury from running with no sneakers on, you'll love this.

Nike has a sneaker line called Nike Free that's meant to give the user an experience similar to running barefoot. These sneaks have more flexibility, breathability, and a better grip on the ground, so your feet can do more of the work.

They make 3 levels, and you work your way up, increasing your foot strength with each level.

Nike 7.0 - Beginning foot strength training: This is like a regular sneaker, but you'll notice something new - increased flexibility, a more naturally stable feel, and a little better sense of what's going on underneath you. Plus the midsole is lower, so you're closer to the ground.

Nike 5.0 - Increased foot strength training: You'll be able to point your toes and have dancer-like agility when it comes to moving and changing directions. It still offers cushioning for your feet, but the increased flexibility allows every part of your foot to move, which will increase your strength.

Nike 3.0 - Advanced foot strength training: After having trained with Nike 7.0 and Nike 5.0. your feet are strong enough for this shoe. It gives you the most flexibility and freedom so your toes can move and your foot muscles can flex and contract, giving you greater speed and control, improving your overall performance.

The concept for these shoes greatly intrigues me. I can't wait to get a pair on my feet and see what they really feel like. All styles cost $85, unless you want to design your own shoe for $100.

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