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Get in Gear: Nathan QuickDraw Hydration Carrier

When you're running, it's important to stay hydrated, since you can end up sweating a lot. Waistpacks that hold water bottles
are great for biking and hiking when I need to have my hands free, but when I'm running, I love the easy access of a hand held water bottle.

Check out this one made by Nathan. This is the 2008 QuickDraw Plus Hydration Bottle. It's got padded and adjustable straps so you can secure it snugly and comfortably to your hand. The water bottle can hold up to 22 oz. of water and there's a zippered pouch to keep small essentials like keys, tissues or a cell phone.

Another thing that's great about holding a water bottle in your hand is that since it's filled with water, it acts as a weight. I switch back and forth between my left and right hand every minute or so to work both arms equally.

The pink version shown here has a tiny pink ribbon on it so you can show your support for breast cancer awareness. Order this hydration bottle ($16.19) from

Want to see what other colors it comes in? Then read more

You can choose Yellow, Black, Green or Lime.

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