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Get in Gear: Must Have Gadget for Hiking

Seriously, sometimes I think I am MacGyver. Especially when I am out in the woods on a hike but the truth is that while I love the occasional hike in the woods (or along the coastline) I am no outdoorsy guru.

That being said, I like to feel prepared at all times, especially when playing in the great outdoors. Many day hikes may not require the AdventurePlus ($20.00), but it never hurts to be prepared, now does it? This one little gadget includes a compass, a mirror, a magnifying glass, a whistle, a thermometer, a flashlight and a tiny little compartment to keep things (like matches) dry. Buy it online from

Hiking will be even more fun now that you're prepared to take on any situation so you can concentrate on getting that heart rate going. Now all you need is a good trail to explore -- Check out this listing of free trails.





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