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Get the Bod: Jennifer Garner

I think Jennifer Garner tops my list of celebs I admire. She just seems to be really, really into being a mother and not so much into being a celeb. Regardless, we're all curious what she does to stay looking so darn cute.

People got the scoop recently on her skin, her shape and her comfort foods... to read all about it and see her hanging with Violet (who is so adorable by the way), then read more

People: Your skin is always so beautiful. Do you use anything special?
Garner: Thanks! I always have really good hair and makeup done before an appearance, so don't think that my skin is perfect. But I try to take care of it by getting enough sleep and not drinking too much coffee or alcohol. And I have a great facialist. If you're ever in L.A. and want to treat yourself, her name is Nerida Joy and she's magic.

People: How have you managed to keep in shape after the show (Alias) and after giving birth to your first child?
Garner: I wasn't that into getting back into shape; I was so all about being with my baby. (Then) I started missing the energy you get from being in shape. I resented my friends who said it melted off. It did not melt off! I had to get on the treadmill and do weights and Pilates – and stop eating yummy things. It was a pain. It was not a magic formula.

People: What is the absolute necessity for you when it comes to comfort food?
Garner: I have a lot of comfort-food necessities. Chocolate is probably No. 1. Not a day goes by that I don't have a little bite, but I try to make it something really rich so I'm not tempted to keep going. I had a bite of a chocolate muffin this morning and will have another bite after lunch. Then I like cheese, crackers and wine with my girlfriends. Cheese is something I've never had luck giving up when trying to diet.














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