Gear Review: Kuru Shoes

It's important to be kind to your feet. If you don't treat them right then you can end up with foot, knee, or back pain. One way you can take care of your tootsies is with supportive footwear. You buy sturdy and cushioned sneakers for running, so why not treat your feet to the same love when you're not at the gym? I've just discovered Kuru shoes, the only footwear with ergonomic midsoles. Their philosophy is that your foot isn't flat, so why should your shoe be? The inside is curved, mirroring the shape of your heel, and when you walk, the supportive feeling is like nothing I've ever experienced.

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My husband and I both have a pair of the Chicanes ($90), and instantly noticed the difference the first moment we slipped them on. These shoes are lightweight, water resistant, and have a rugged sole, so they were perfect for hiking and walking the hills around the city (that's why they're a little dirty in the photos). The best way to describe how they feel is comfortable yet supportive, and it was amazing that both our feet felt great after walking the trails for a couple hours. These shoes look less sporty than other trail shoes I've had, so that's also a plus. They come in many styles to fit your taste, and the price is pretty reasonable for a shoe that feels molded to your foot. If you have issues with foot pain or finding the right shoe, definitely check out Kuru shoes.

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