Gear Review: Earth Exer-Fit Flip-Flops

I've told you about Earth shoes; the stylish and healthy shoe with negative heel technology, which means your toes are 3.7° higher than your heels. The idea is that shifting your weight slightly more to your heels offers health benefits — better breathing, straighter posture, stronger core muscles, tighter thighs, and calf toning. The slight incline, like walking up a not-so-steep hill, the negative heel helps you burn calories too. Earth shoes actually conducted a four-week study with 31 women, half of which walked 10,000 steps three times a week in Earth shoes, and half in regular shoes. In one month, the average fat percentage of the Earth shoes wearers decreased four times more than the non-Earth shoe wearers. While the data pool for the study wasn't large, the findings are pretty interesting.

If you're looking to burn extra calories while walking and need a super comfy pair of flip-flops to wear to the beach, gym, or just everyday, check out Earth footwear's Exer-Fit ($49) shoes. For more details, read more.

These are by far one of the most comfortable summery flip-flops I've ever slipped on my feet. The Velcro strap across the top means you can tighten the shoe to fit snugly, ensuring that they won't slip off when you walk. They have excellent arch support (which is tough to find in a flip-flop), and the base of the shoe is made with Bio-Foam Cushioning, which means it molds to the shape of your foot. Similar to my experience wearing FitFlops, I didn't really feel my legs working more than usual, but I was impressed by the comfort of the thongs. If you're interested in trying some for yourself, use Earth footwear's store locator. The flip-flops come in the shades pictured below.