Game Time: ProForm 20.0 CrossTrainer Elliptical

Now I am not really a big video gamer, but combine video games and exercising and now you've got my attention.

This is why I am loving the new ProForm 20.0 CrossTrainer Elliptical ($799.00). Not only is it a great elliptical for your personal use, but the console features 2 interactive games. Using the dual game controllers on the elliptical arms, you can play the Fat Blocker game or the Calorie Destroyer game during your workout. The best part? The harder you exercise, the greater advantage you will have over the computer you're playing against! The console keeps track of the four highest scores for each game - so you and your husband can try and knock off each other's scores each time one of you works out.

Plug your iPod or other MP3 player into the console and play your music or media files through the built-in speakers. This could be the most entertaining piece of cardio equipment ever!

Not enough for you? The machine also features large, super gel grip pedals that allow you a number of different foot positions for greater comfort and stability. Trust me, anyone who has ever lost her footing on an elliptical machine can attest to how fabulous an idea that is. Buy it directly from the ProForm site.




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