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FruitaBü: Organic Smoooshed Fruit

FruitaBü, is a fun, organic, natural, real fruit treat. I discovered them at my local health food store, tried a free sample, and got hooked. They're not as healthy as eating an actual piece of fruit, but I'd reach for this over a candy bar any day.

The ingredients are all things you've heard of - organic apple puree concentrate, organic strawberry puree, natural elderberry juice concentrate for color, organic strawberry flavor, and organic lemon juice concentrate. That's it. And no added sugar.

Each serving is equal to 1/2 a serving of real fruit. They're portable and easy to pack in your purse or desk drawer. These are perfect for when you're craving something sweet and chewy, like gummy worms, but FruitaBü Fruit Flats are a much healthier choice.

They even have an incredibly catchy "anthem:" "Fruit to the People...Fruit that's fast that's good to go...Fruit to the people. Keep it real now. Real fruit." Interested in hearing it? Then read more


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