Fit Gift Guide: Avid Biker

If your brother, boyfriend, hubbie, or dad is into road biking, your gift options for him are endless. Nobody loves gear like cyclists, but I have found a few things the avid biker in your life would truly appreciate.

  • Castelli Hotflex Leg Warmers: Layering through the seasons is a must for cyclists. Leg warmers are a great way to extend the biker's wardrobe, and they help make the temperature transitions for all day rides, cool mornings to hot afternoons, super easy. Plus, how can you put a price on the joy of giving a man legwarmers?
  • Cannondale Morphis Shell: This jacket is just totally rad and converts easily to a vest. The sleeves come off in one piece (like a shrug) and fit easily into the back pocket of the vest. Attached with magnets, not zippers, the sleeves reattach easily. This jacket has a lot of useful pockets too.
  • Custom Bike Fitting: Many unnecessary aches and pains can be avoided with a custom bike fitting. Riding for hours at a time can create many overuse injuries, but having a professional help with subtle tweaks to adjust the bike to fit the cyclist can help keep a rider on the road for hours. You may miss your man as he extends his rides after the fitting, but he will be happy in the saddle for hours.