Eva Mendes: The Jeans Diet

You guys were really interested in Eva's 5-Factor Fitness but she also told Cosmopolitan magazine about another less structured diet, the Jeans Diet, that she follows.

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Cosmo: You have a hot—but real—bod. What do you do to keep it that way?

Eva: I work out with a trainer three days a week, and we do 30 to 45 minutes of cardio and then very light weight training. On another day, I’ll go on a great hiking trail. I don’t own a scale—I fluctuate 5 to 7 pounds and don’t worry about it. I have thinner size jeans, which are 27s, but I also have 28s for when I’m a little more voluptuous. Then I have 29s, which are totally me…very womanly. I don’t allow myself to go any lower than 27 or any higher than 29—it’s the Jean Diet. I’ve learned to love my body whether I’m 7 pounds heavier or 7 pounds lighter. I’m accepting of my body and have a good relationship with it.

Once again, I am loving Eva. She realizes that size is not the end all be all and with all the vanity sizing going on, I am totally on board with sticking to a few sizes that you are comfortable in. It is OK if you don't always wear a size 28... really, it is!





Check out the February issue of Cosmo to read more on Eva.

[Cosmopolitan, February 2007, pg. 38]