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Don't Lie to Yourself

Don't Lie to Yourself

I am not sure if you caught Oprah and Bob Greene talking about Best Life Diet Challenge but it was very interesting to listen to Bob talk about the possible setbacks people may have when getting fit. The one set back that really resonated with me is: Lying to yourself.

Basically, when you embark on a new journey, like losing weight by dieting and exercising, it is extremely important that you don't lie to yourself about getting healthy. If you say you are going to workout, then do it. Just like you can lose trust in another person who doesn't keep your word, you can lose trust in yourself. Stick to your word and you will eventually learn to trust yourself more which will help you along the process of getting healthy.

This makes total sense to me. If you tell yourself you're going to the gym, do it. If you tell yourself you're going to eat healthy starting tomorrow, do it. If you tell yourself you're going to quit smoking today, do it. Taking the step to Stop lying to yourself should be your first goal.

As you can tell, day one and I am already way into the Challenge. There are six contestants who are going to be doing this for nine months! I can't wait to see and hear about their transformations but to see the contestants on day one, read more







Check out Oprah's site to read more about the contestants, Bob and the Challenge.


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