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Dieter Support Group: Laura's Story

Dieter Support Group: Laura's Story

Have you joined Fit's Dieters Support Group? If not you totally should because you'll get to read motivational and inspiring stories from people, just like you, looking to get fit. Recently user misstsapinay shared this incredible story with us in the group:

"Hi everyone! My name is Laura, I'm 24 years old, and new to the group. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have lived here all of my life.

I started to lose weight is because of something very traumatic that happened to me, a few months ago in August 2006. I was hit on the freeway, coming home from work, by a man who fell asleep behind the wheel of his SUV. I was immediately rushed to the ER from the scene with minor injuries that could have been a lot worse. (The CHP officer said that if he'd plowed 1 more inch into my vehicle, it would have hit my gas tank and I'd have died.) I was very lucky that day. When i survived I knew that I was being given a second chance at life and things needed to change. So, I began eating healthier and working out for 15 minutes a day, then 30, and now to about 1 hour a day. It's been a long process, believe it or not, I turned something horrible into something amazing, and I'm feeling the best as I ever did now =)"

Want to see how much weight she's lost and see fabulous after pictures? Then, read more

"So far, I've lost about 80 lbs since my car accident. I have become a vegetarian and incorporated a healthy lifestyle into my busy work week.

Anyway, I joined this contest sponsored by Star 101.3 FM called April's Biggest Losers. Basically a group of women, including myself, agreed to lose weight and we have to show up in our bikini's on August 1st to the studio. The winner will be chosen by whoever loses the highest amount of body fat and will get an all expense paid trip AND a new wardrobe. Anyway, FIT suggested her site to us and that's how I came here =) I'm hoping that with everyone's help here I can stay motivated and hopefully win! You can check me out on the radio website here. I'm the 3rd woman down -- Laura"

Here is how fabulous she looks now...


Doesn't she look great? Are you motivated now? I am! Nothing is better than when someone takes a hardship and turns it around. So many times people will take hardships as opportunities to dwell, but not Laura! Way to go! We're all pulling for you and can't wait to hear updates in the Dieters Support Group.


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