Cutting-Edge Equipment in Gunnar Peterson's Gym

Take a Tour of Gunnar Peterson's Beverly Hills Gym

Cutting-Edge Equipment in Gunnar Peterson's Gym

Walking into celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson's private gym in Beverly Hills, I could tell the man likes his machines. The walls and center aisle of the large room are lined with every piece of cardio and strength training machine imaginable. It's a fitness fanatic's version of heaven. When Gatorade invited me to work out with one of its top trainers who trains pro athletes (like Tom Brady) and the Hollywood elite, I jumped at the chance — luckily the sweat session didn't actually involve jumping or plyometrics.

I may not be J Lo or Sofia Vergara, but Gunnar gave me the celebrity treatment. That's not to say he was easy on me — I was pleasantly sore the day following the session. But he carried a towel around for me and subtly placed it on the equipment before I hopped on.

"Paparazzi can't get in here," he told me, making his gym a safe place for his celeb clients to come sans makeup and curse if they need to. And we all know the f-bomb can easily slip out when faced with a challenging exercise.

Come take a tour of Gunnar's gym and check out five cool pieces of equipment in his fitness arsenal.