Cute Bike Helmets For Women

5 Functional Bike Helmets Made Just For Women

5 Functional Bike Helmets Made Just For Women

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Guys, not-so-newsy news flash: bike helmets save lives. (More specifically: bike helmet laws save lives.) This really should be obvious, but given the number of people I see on a daily basis who clearly haven't gotten the memo, it's something we need to talk about. According to brand-new research out of Boston Children's Hospital, states with bicycle helmet requirements have significantly lower rates of deaths and "incapacitating injuries" after bicycle-motor vehicle collisions. The study, presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting, has led its authors to recommend that all cyclists —regardless of age — wear helmets; the authors also support more laws to make them mandatory for all. Currently only 21 states and the District of Columbia require bike helmets, and even then, only for children. So while the study could only examine the impact of these youth helmet laws, it's safe to assume that helmets protect adult cyclists, as well.

About 900 people die each year in bicycle crashes, three-quarters of them from head injuries. And yes, it's important to ride cautiously and to know the rules of the road; but there are some things — like, um, cars — that you simply can't control. So be safe and wear a helmet — every time you get on your bike. Need a new one? Here are five of our faves.

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