Crossing the Finish Line: The Final Medal Count

To the relief of some, the Olympics games are over and the final medal count is in.
Although the US team heads home with the largest total number of medals, 123, China won the most gold. Over half the Chinese 100 medals were gold. With 51 gold medals. I would say that the Chinese program Project 119 worked well, even though the host country missed the mark of their desired final medal count of 119.

The US was even across the medal count with 36 gold, 38 silver, and 36 bronze. Congratulations to all the amazing athletes. I was truly inspired, were you? It feels like the majority of American gold medals came from swimming thanks to Michael Phelps and his amazing wins. Here are some of the other US gold medals:

  • Both the men's and women's US basketball teams won gold (we are redeemed). We also won gold in both men's and women's beach volleyball as well as a gold in men's volleyball and a silver in women's volleyball — the women's team was defeated by Brazil in the finals.
  • Bryan Clay won the decathlon, and now he owns the title as the greatest athlete on earth, a la Bruce Jenner who won gold and made the event famous in 1976. Other track and field fun: Dawn Harper won the 100m hurdles, beating Lolo Jones. Although our 4x100m relay teams both dropped the baton in the semifinals, we won both the 4x400m men's and women's relays!
  • The Williams sisters won gold in doubles. Let's see what they do at the US Open.
  • The women's soccer team won gold, defeating Brazil with a final score of the match being one to zero. Carli Lloyd scored the winning and only goal of the game.
  • Gymnasts Shawn Johnson and Nastia Luikin both brought home many medals, but each garnered a gold. Johnson on the beam and Luikin for the all-around competition.

To see some photos of my favorite Olympic moments and one very sad blunder, just read more.

Bryan Clay

If you watched the games chances are high that you have a few favorite moments, too. Share them in the comments section below.