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Correct Alignment For Yoga Poses

What's Wrong With This Picture: Om Edition

Although there are many different types of yoga, there are definitely basic alignment rules you'll find in an class you take. It's not so the pose looks pretty — it's to prevent pain or injury. Take a look at these photos and see if you can figure out what's wrong.

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What could cause this woman an injury?
Knee is past her ankle.
Arms aren't parallel.
Looking at the wrong hand.
Torso isn't straight.
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What would this woman's yoga teacher say to help prevent pain?
"Release your hips to the floor."
"Put the tops of your feet on the floor."
"Tuck your chin into your chest."
"Relax your shoulders."
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This woman could be getting a deeper spinal twist if she did what?
Flexed her left foot.
Twisted in the opposite direction.
Looked at the floor.
Pressed her palms together.
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Ahh Down Dog. What's she doing that could lead to pain?
Not putting her heels on the ground.
Not arching her back.
Not engaging her abs.
Not relaxing her head.
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Uh-oh, what's this woman doing that could cause a major injury?
Her hips aren't over her shoulders.
Her spine isn't straight.
Her feet aren't flexed.
Her head is turned.
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