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Common Fitness Mistakes

What's Wrong With This Picture: Exercise Edition

It doesn't take the brains of a rocket scientist to know how to exercise safely, but there are some things everyone needs to know about proper form and techniques when working out. For instance, bench pressing 75 pounds without someone to spot you just isn't safe, and not stretching before a run is a great way to end up with a pulled a muscle. Use your fitness smarts and figure out what's wrong in the pictures below.

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Here's a woman doing lateral raises. What's she doing wrong?
Her weights are too light.
Her weights are too heavy.
Her spine isn't straight.
Her elbows should be bent.
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This woman is stretching her abs doing Cobra pose. What is she doing incorrectly?
Her hips are off the floor.
Her shoulders aren't relaxed.
Her arms are straight.
Her head should be tilted backward.
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This woman is taking a stroll with some hand weights. What's wrong with this picture?
Walking on pavement is a no-no.
She's walking too fast.
She's landing on her heels.
She's walking with hand weights.
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This woman is stretching her hamstrings after a run. What could she do to make her stretch more effective?
Her legs should be straight.
Her palms should be on the floor.
Her abs should not be engaged.
Her feet should not be together.
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This woman is walking on the treadmill. What's the problem here?
She's exercising in only a sports bra (put some clothes on, girl!).
The distance between her steps is too short.
The distance between her steps is too long.
She's holding onto the handles.
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