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Cell Phone Holders for Runners

There are holders for your iPod when you're running, but it's also a good idea to have your cell phone with you too. But where's a girl to put it? Nope, sorry, in the cleavage is NOT a good answer.

Check out this cell phone holder. It's ironically called Hold-a-Phone. You can wear it on your arm, ankle, or wrist, and the band is adjustable so you can really secure it in place.

If you're planning to wear it around a jacket, you can get the 9 inch extension piece.

To use, just slide your open cell phone into the plastic pocket that has a clear plastic face (so you can still see and press the numbers). There's a piece that stretches over the antenna to keep your phone from sliding out. Then you just close your flip phone and secure the safety strap across the front.

For only $19.95 it is definitely worth the price. Keeping your cell phone on you while running, skiing, snowshoeing, or whatever, is not only a smart idea - it's a necessity.

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