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Celebrity Workouts

Match the Celebrity to Her Workout

While most of Hollywood is all about getting fit, each star has their own way of staying healthy. Some love to run, others bike, and a few even surf. Do you know which workouts the stars count as their faves? Take my quiz and try to match the celeb to her workout.

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Can you guess which MTV reality star is in serious love with her spin classes?
Lauren Conrad
Whitney Port
Lo Bosworth
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Which actress prefers a namaste over a pair of Nikes?
Megan Fox
Katy Perry
Reese Witherspoon
Rachel McAdams
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Which star credits P90X to helping her buff up?
Jessica Biel
Sarah Jessica Parker
Demi Moore
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Which actress uses a hula hoop to get healthy?
Katie Holmes
Marisa Tomei
Rachel Weisz
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Which Twilighter loves her Pilates?
Kristen Stewart
Ashley Greene
Nikki Reed
Rachelle Lefevre
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