Celebrities Who Use TRX Training

5 Celebrities Who Hang Around on TRX

5 Celebrities Who Hang Around on TRX

As of late, Tim (my trainer at Crunch) has been killing me on TRX. For the unfamiliar, TRX suspension training is a fitness system first developed by Navy Seals, which enabled them to strength train anywhere. And based on my sore muscles, it definitely works. The strap and handle weight-training system can be attached anywhere that can bear a significant amount of weight, and the various exercises involve lifting and lowering yourself while using the straps as support. In the short time I have been doing it, I have been able to target every single one of my muscle groups while also working on balance and flexibility.

What was once a military-only workout has since found its way into Hollywood. Keep reading to see which starlets like to strap themselves into TRX!

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