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Caffeinated Quiz

Whether you're looking to stay awake or you're hoping to fall asleep, do you know how much caffeine is in your favorite drink? Take this quiz and see.

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Which contains more caffeine?
Two caplets of Extra Strength Excedrin
A 12 ounce can of Mountain Dew
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Which Starbucks drink contains more caffeine?
Two shots of espresso
A Grande coffee
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Choose which drink contains the most caffeine.
An 8 oz. can of Red Bull
A 16 oz. bottle of Arizona Green Tea Energy
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Between green tea and black tea, which contains the most caffeine?
Black tea
Green tea
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When it comes to soda, which contains the most caffeine per can?
Classic Coke
Dr. Pepper
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Coke might contain less caffeine than Dr. Pepper, but does Coke Classic or Diet Coke contain more caffeine?
Classic Coke
Diet Coke
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