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Brooke Shields Shines on Fitness

Brooke Shields has been an icon of beauty since she started modeling. Along with beauty, today Brooke can also add actress, mother and role model to her list of credentials.

Fitness Magazine got the scoop from Brooke as she follows Daisy Fuentes as the latest Mind, Body and Spirit Superstar of 2007. Here are highlights from the interview:

On staying fit: “I try to do an hour of something everyday. It's almost impossible when I'm working, because I'm on the set for 14-16 hours…But on days when the baby has woken up four times during the night, putting my sneakers on is the last thing I want to do. I'd rather have four cups of coffee, and, after the caffeine wears off, take a nap with her! I used to have a very type-A lifestyle, but being a mom changed all that.”
On staying motivated to workout: It’s easier when I have an external motivation, like getting ready for Broadway. [She starred in Grease in 1995, Cabaret in 2001 and Chicago in 2005.] I had to go into those shows at the top of my game, physically, because the schedule was so rigorous. It’s like the Olympics—only it lasts six months!

There's more, including foods she avoids and her favorite toning up move, so read more

On foods she avoids: Carbs are the first thing to go if I want to lose weight. I never used to eat red meat, but now, if I crave it—which usually happens when I have my period—I go for it. I also love ice cream. I try not to deny myself, because if I do, it turns into this major internal battle. So I pop a couple of Dove Miniatures. I can satisfy myself without going overboard. I also try to drink tons of water. I can actually see how much healthier my skin and hair look when I do.
On toning up: “I don’t lift weights,” she says.“It’s easy for me to bulk up. I keep my muscles toned by doing yoga.” One super-effective pose, says Ish Moran, her former instructor at Maha Yoga in Brentwood, California, is the chattaranga pose, which works the triceps.

The October issue of Fitness Magazine just hit newsstands, so check it out to read the full inspiring article with Brooke.




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