Start the Day Right! 9 Breakfasts Under 300 Calories

Mar 30 2014 - 1:28am

Looking for a low-calorie breakfast that doesn't disappoint? These nine light recipes all clock in under 300 calories and will keep you satisfied and energized until your next snack or meal.

Photo: Leta Shy

Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

Pop in a batch of these protein-heavy eggs in ham shells [1] when you wake up, and enjoy a hot, hearty, and quick breakfast before you leave for work.

Total Calories (for two ham cups): 218

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

Sweet Spinach Smoothie

With just one 16-ounce serving of Harley Pasternak's sweet spinach smoothie [2], you'll be getting your entire recommended amount of vitamin A (great for healthy skin, hair, and eyes) and bone-building vitamin K. This recipe is a favorite of Harley's celebrity clients like Julianne Hough after an indulgent period.

Total Calories: 296

Photo: Leta Shy

Starbucks Spinach Feta Wrap

It can be hard to give up your Starbucks spinach-feta wrap — we understand this pain. However, this homemade breakfast wrap [3] is lower in calories and carbs and free of preservatives.

Total Calories: 252

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

Low-Carb Hotcakes

Even if you're conscious of calories, you can still enjoy a stack of hotcakes! These wheat-free pancakes [4] use almond meal and flaxseed to increase their protein and fiber content.

Total Calories (per serving): 152

Photo: Leta Shy

Quinoa Egg Bake

Bake this quinoa egg casserole [5] on Sunday night, and cut a slice the following morning for a gluten-free breakfast. In addition to plenty of protein and fiber, you'll up your iron and calcium intake while enjoying this recipe.

Total Calories: 250

Photo: Jaime Young

Oatmeal Breakfast Bites

Baked goods like scones and quick breads tend to be high in sugar and fat, so if you're craving a homemade treat from the oven, then bake up a batch of these lower-calorie oatmeal breakfast bites [6] instead.

Total Calories (for four bites): 296

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Turkey Sausage Muffins

With 12 grams of protein a piece, these gluten-free turkey sausage muffins [7] are smarter than any fast-food egg option you'll find before work. This is another recipe that's easy to bake ahead of time and grab when you head out the door.

Total Calories (per muffin): 150

Photo: Leta Shy

Avocado Tartine

In need of an incredibly quick breakfast? Try this easy avocado toast from POPSUGAR Food. This vegetarian breakfast comes together in under five minutes, and it has a great blend of protein and carbs to hit the spot.

Total Calories: 214

Flat-Belly Smoothie

Sip on this sweet smoothie [8] packed with ingredients like Greek yogurt, pineapple, and kale that fight belly fat, reduce bloating, and keep you feeling full.

Total Calories: 283

Photo: Jenny Sugar

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