Biggest Loser Families Recap: Live Weigh-In Finale

After watching all the contestants sweat and cry almost every week this Fall on The Biggest Loser Families, we finally got to meet the biggest loser. The live finale show began with an exciting reveal, the host Alison Sweeny is pregnant, something my husband and I began wondering in the last couple of episodes. She was glowing, as were all the contestants.

The contestants all looked skinny (a few maybe too skinny) and fashionable. The first big "reveal" of the night was that America voted Heba out of the final three, even with Ed's pleas to keep his wife active in the contest. He's a likable dude and his entrance was definitely the most rock-n-roll — two thumbs up punch through the image of him from the show's first episode. Ed's got some style.

I am very proud of Jerry, the sickest contestant to ever join the game. He lost 30 percent of his weight and looked so alive. Amy P. beat her husband Phillip by a pound, but unfortunately lost the at-home prize to Heba. Heba won $100,000 for all her at-home hard work.

To see who won the title of the biggest loser as well as before and after shots off all the contestants, read more.

The energy of the crowd was infectious and the three finalists looked amazing.
It was amazing to hear Vicky admit that advice from her once nemesis Phillip (remember how she cackled when he was voted of the show) helped her push through. On a group conference call, he reminded her to live in the moment, which I believe is sound advice for us all. Michelle, the youngest of the finalists, lost 110 pounds to win (when she only needed to lose 100) the biggest loser title and a quarter million dollars. She looked fabulous. Not only did she have age on her side (the younger you are the easier it is to lose weight), it appeared that her only job was to work out. We saw shots of both Ed and Vicky working and none of Michelle.

I am really happy she won. Are you? What did you think of the finale? Are you excited for the upcoming season of the Biggest Loser Couples?