Best Women's Compression Wear to Improve Your Workout

The Truth About Compression Wear (Plus, 7 New Styles)

The Truth About Compression Wear (Plus, 7 New Styles)

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I'm not much into repression, depression or even obsession (unless we're talking about Loeffler Randall boots and Mistral hand cream.)  But, these days, I am totally on board with compression. Once upon a time, we thought ultra-tight compression shorts were for guys, keeping their "family jewels" in place (out of view) and their legs from chafing while running.  Turns out that compression garments actually warm the body's muscles, warding off injury, and even increase athletic ability.  Plus, now they come in all these cute styles for us ladies.

Now, the athletic-wear industry has caught on, so there are a myriad women's choices — way beyond just shorts — for every style and need. Read on to learn about why compression wear works, and check out 7 of the latest style options!

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