Belly-Fat-Burning Workout Created by Jeanette Jenkins

Blast Your Belly Fat Workout by Jeanette Jenkins

Belly-Fat-Burning Workout Created by Jeanette Jenkins

This workout, created by Jeanette Jenkins, is a heart-pumping, calorie-burning circuit that combines core cardio, core sculpting, and total-body core sculpting to blast away the belly fat! All of these exercises can be found in Jeanette's Blast The Belly Fat DVD, voted "Best Fat Melter" by Fitness Magazine.

Instructions: warm up with light cardio for three to five minutes, then work through the circuit three times. Props needed: a set of dumbbells (five to 10 pounds) and an exercise ball.

Click here for the printable PDF of this workout. Tape it to the fridge or throw it in your gym bag — whatever it takes to get the job done. Hope you enjoy getting your sweat on!


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