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Atlas Snowshoes Are Meant For Winter Hiking

Get in Gear: Atlas Snowshoes Are Meant For Winter Hiking

What is not to love about snowshoeing? It is Winter hiking at its best since you can tromp around anywhere that's covered in snow, tackle steep hills, and get your heart rate zooming even though it's cold outside.

I happen to be a fan of the Elektra 12 Series by Atlas since they were designed especially for Winter hiking. The Wrapp Pro Bindings mold to and support each foot. Stepping into the bindings, you feel the Spring-Loaded Suspension that connects your foot to the snowshoe with elastic-like straps. This suspension gives your feet the ability to move up and down more naturally, which increases your control as well as your comfort.

The aluminum frame is super light yet durable. But the best part is what's under these snowshoes – the stainless steel crampons. These teeth like prongs allow you to dig into ice and snow allowing you to go both uphill and down without slipping.

These snowshoes are available at for $195. The price might seem like a lot, but you will have these snowshoes for life. To see a close up of the crampons and bindings, click the photos below.




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