Alarm Clocks That Use Light to Wake You Up

Alarm Clocks That Wake You Up (Peacefully!) With Light

Alarm Clocks That Use Light to Wake You Up

That loud beep-beep-beep coming from your alarm clock at the crack of dawn marks the start of a new day. Personally, that sound makes it that much more difficult for me to rise and shine in the morning. So here's an idea: trade in your annoying alarm clock with one that wakes you up naturally with light. That way, your body will slowly wake up with the gradual increase of light. I was fortunate to have stayed at a hotel that had one of these alarm clocks in its rooms, and let me tell you, the light mixed with the faux sound of birds chirping was heavenly compared to my normal alarm clock. Here are five alarm clocks that will make the transition from night to day easier.

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