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Advice Needed for a Fiancé Who Won't Quit Smoking

Weigh In: My Fiancé Won't Quit Smoking

A fellow FitSugar reader is in need of your sensible, yet sensitive advice. She told me about her sticky situation, so let her know what you'd do.

Dear Fit,

I've been with the same guy for over five years, and we have a wedding planned for late this Summer. When we first met we were both smokers, but I'm pleased to say I finally quit a couple years ago. He has definitely cut back tremendously, from two packs a day to one cigarette a day, but hasn't quit entirely. I'm proud of him for having the amazing willpower to smoke fewer cigarettes, but I really just want him to quit altogether. He keeps saying that one a day won't kill him, but he doesn't know that. I obviously love him and still want to marry him, but how can I get him to ditch the nicotine habit? I want us to live a long, healthy life together.
—Tired of Tobacco

Can you help a fellow FitSugar reader out? Share your advice below.



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