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Açaí Is Super But Won't Aid in Weight Loss

Açaí Is Super But Won't Aid in Weight Loss

When something is classified as a superfood, that doesn't mean it's invincible. Açaí is healthy because it's an excellent source of antioxidants, fiber, amino acids, and heart-healthy fatty acids that aid in digestion. All of those qualities have led experts to call the berry a superfood, but its popularity was turned into something of a scheme when it began to be marketed as a weight-loss aid.

Sales of açaí products multiplied over the last year as more consumers discovered the benefits of the nutritious fruit and some companies learned how to take advantage of the growing hype by including the berry in weight-loss products. An ABC reporter and her husband put one of these products to the test and concluded, "All we were was constipated. And still fat. And feeling ripped off."

To hear medical advice from Dr. Oz on the super berry and weight loss, read more.

The doubtful couple isn't the only suspicious party — Dr. Oz of Oprah fame has his own opinions. While he's confident about the health benefits of açaí, Dr. Oz says that he doubts the berry alone can trigger weight loss. There's no quick fix to losing weight — no magical berries that will eliminate extra pounds — and we should stick to methods that aren't too good to be true when we're trying to slim down.



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